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Photo of Philip Graham
Philip Graham
Senior Associate

Philip Graham worked during the summers growing up since age 12 for his father, a licensed RPLS and LIS who ran his own land surveying business for over 40 years.  Through his father’s encouragement, Philip developed an interest in both surveying and engineering that continues today.

While working full-time as a technician, design engineer and team leader at Wier & Associates, Philip earned a Master of Engineering Degree in Transportation Engineering at UTA.   He has been acting as a team leader / project manager since 1996 and has worked on numerous types of projects from residential, commercial, municipal and institutional sectors.  Philip has extensive experience in grading, drainage and utility designs for a variety of commercial and institutional projects of varying size and complexity.

What could be called his specialty, Philip has designed numerous municipal infrastructure projects, earning a reputation with area municipalities for being thorough, practical and detail-oriented. With varying degrees of complexity, these projects have included new thoroughfares, roadway reconstruction, utility relocations, as well as independent large water and sanitary sewer transmission mains. Many projects also included drainage studies and designs to alleviate flooding or address stream crossings.

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