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Photo of Toby Rogers
Toby Rodgers

Toby Rodgers started young working summers mowing grass and working at a wood shop during High School to fund his fascination with hot rods. Being fascinated by how things work, how to build or rebuild things, and how to solve mechanical problems, he built a strong work ethic and love for engineering.

Toby began his career with Wier & Associates shortly after graduating High School in the print department. He soon began drafting, the old method by hand, while learning and building his engineering skills. Good work ethics, perseverance and a passion for Engineering motivated him to obtain a degree. While working full-time as a project manager at Wier & Associates, he earned an Engineering degree at UTA.

Toby manages projects for both private development and oil and gas clients. He is responsible for supervising staff and coordinating with clients, utility companies, local and state agencies, and governmental officials during the preparation of construction plans and bid documents.

Toby enjoys hunting, fishing, shooting, the outdoors and spending time with his family.

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